Monday, May 24, 2010

The Death Agony of The A-Team - with a twist of viral marketing

The names; Murdock, B.A. Baracus, Hannibal and Faceman might ring a bell, if you had plenty of time watching day-time-tv in the 1990's.

The A-Team constituted a bunch of ex-United States Army Special Forces, who drove around in a black Dodge minivan diminishing menaces to the US society by using over-sized guns and under-sized brain powers - sounds stupid?.... Well... In order to promote the upcoming belated blockbuster about the A-Team, 20th Century Fox came up with an intelligent use of viral marketing.

In order to promote the movie, 20th Century Fox presented a new merger of Youtube- and Google Maps. This facilitates a system, which makes you drive the A-Team's minivan around real life-cities such as New York, L.A and Tokyo. And through this, unlock new and exciting clips from the movie.

The cross-platform game is definately not the last, as this somewhat obliterates reality and commercialism - however - this would probably find better use in movies targeted teenagers, as they probably are more likely spending time playing these games.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Mac-geeks' online buzz about Apple is unintentional freebee-marketing for Apple.... OR IS IT ?

One might have wondered how that much buzz around Apple's product launches is occurring. You could imagine that the Mac-tribe were just so addicted and into the brand that the guesses made concerning new products almost always are right, but there might be more to it.

The amount of online buzz around Apple should not be underestimated as their stock-price is skyrocketing around these times of both rumors and product launches.

This seems also to be the fact around now, as Apple is about to launch a Tablet device. In connection with this the big Daddy-O, Steve Jobs has reportedly been heard saying that Apple is about to release a "major new product that that we're really excited about."

The Mac Observer ( !! red. ), recently posted an article on how Apple reportedly does controlled leaks, without any traces, which questions the interest and rumors about Apple.

All the best -

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Viral marketing & RATM defeat Simon Cowell & Co.

"Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me" does lead singer in Rage Against the Machine, Zac de la Rocha, sing. This fits perfectly with the viral stunt going on this past weekend, where the American youth showed their discontent with pop culture. In short, did over 300.000 people, facilitated through Twitter and Facebook gathered and bought the (awesome!!) Rage-song "Killing in the name of", which resulted in this old song passing tons of X-Factor-artists up for the christmas-sale.

Read NME's funny and critical perspective on this subject matter HERE, or watch the RAGE- or the X-factor video hereunder - it's kinda' different ;-)

Best (Christmas) wishes Bjarke Petersen

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Improvs make my day - feat. "I Love Lunch - The Musical" & "Where's Rob"

Somewhere between theatre, flashmobs and guerrilla- and viral marketing you find improvs. These two videos by Improv Everywhere is great examples of how a good idea can turn into a real Youtube monster-hit. One could argue that it doesn't really serve any purpose, but on the other hand - its great fun :-D

All the best - Bjarke P

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

VIRAL MARKETING GONE WRONG... Ford Mustang's attempt at making viral marketing video

Ford is about to reveal its latest Mustang 2010 model, which is celebrated by the making of the video with the not really enticing title: "2010 Ford Mustang vs. professional skateboarders".

It seems as if they had great expectations and thoughts about the film, but didn't really had IT.

First of all - Ford Mustang is sponsoring skateboarders!! ? - I think Ford's attempt to attach oneself to the skateboarding culture has failed miserably and is in no way credible.

Why not attach oneself to all american cultures/subcultures such as Nascar, Football or just plain ROCK N' ROLL?

Second big corporate communication failiure is the disclaimer/warning in the beginning:

"This video shows both computer-generated and actual driving sequences (...) Computer-generated scenes do not depict actual driving and are pure fantasy"...

The above comments on computer graphics and pure-fantasy-driving-experiences are in my eyes SO uncool and so NOT Ford Mustangs, prancing horses, freedom and being the all-American Lone Rider...!

Lastly, when watching the below BMW M5-video, one can only laugh about Ford Mustang viral marketing-campaign. This add is directed by Guy Ritchie and features Clive Owen and Madonne - and in connection with this, taking brand attachment into consideration, it seems a bit more thought through ;)

All the best - Bjarke Petersen

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Closing down logo-land - a reflection on an interesting lecture

On wednesday the 25. of november I attended a very interesting seminar held by Morten Østergaard and Tomas Olesen, who recently published the book "Luk logoland - en bog om intelligent sponsering" - in English - "Close Down Logo-Land - a book on intelligent sponsorships".

In short, they argue that one should break with the myths that

a sponsorship is a medium
Everybody loves a sponsor
Succes is measured by exposure of logo

Instead, the sponsor should move towards dialog and involvement of target audience, and instead of talking about them selves, talk about the love towards the taget-audience's feelings concerning fx. the sponsored football team.

Morten and Tomas did furthermore argue that sponsorships is about emotions and this approach should in the future be even more used, as a sponsorship show and facilitate passion, goodwill and loyalty through the image-link from sponsor to sponsorship-taker - as long as it is done in a intelligent way.

And by considering intelligent sponsorships, you would end up somewhat in between the first movie and the following intelligent sponsorship-campaigns:

All the best - Bjarke Petersen

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Printed adds in the fitness-industry

I stumbled upon the following adds, when surfing the web a couple of days ago. As working with marketing & corporate communication for Denmark's 3. largest operator in the health- and fitness industry Dansk Fitness, this has a special interest for me. Even though the communication is carried out through a quite traditional medium (printed adds), they all hold a great portion of humor and untraditional out-of the-box thinking.

All the best - Bjarke P.


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Monday, November 23, 2009

Whats the fuss about? Does social media actually generate turnover?

Perhaps you saw Socialnomics video on social media, which as we speak has been seen by over 1 million youtube-users. This video concluded that social media is not a fad, but did not touch upon whether Web 2.0 actually generates any turnover for corporations or not ?

After seeing this video, you would not be in doubt any longer !

Leave a comment, or just enjoy this enlightening video :-D

- Bjarke P

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Messed up gravity !?

The GAP-Store in Vancouver recently experienced a somewhat drastic change in gravity. The transformation was carried out overnight - watch for your self in the below video.

Creativity put a side, does this guerilla-marketing campaign make any sense? WELL - not really... The idea is absurd enough to make a whole lot of fuzz and awareness, but is NOT carried out in way that fosters buying incentives for customers...


- Bjarke P

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Guerilla marketing @ Seoul subway

This guerilla-marketing stunt was performed by Nikon in a subway in Seoul, Korea. The red carpet is, of course, leading into a Nikon-store, where the paparazzi's cameras can bought.

I only have one communicational hesitation about this - who would ever want to identify with a pap' ?

- Bjarke P


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A small masterpiece by the über-addict

Pete Doherty released the album Grace/Wastelands in march 2009, which right now is playing in "la casa". I would consider the album as being acoustic folk, with a twist of rock n' roll.

Doherty's voice reminds me of "the day after" with a twist of moral/physical hangovers - even though the über-addict hits all notes - INCREDIBLE !

I would warmly recommend the album Grace/Wastelands

The album can and should be downloaded on Peter Doherty - Grace/Wastelands

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A little something for the viral addicts

As a response for the Mentos/Coke viral-campaign, Carlsberg has made this great video --> 
love the fact that great adds doesn't have to be expensive to make :-D

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Dear diary - here goes nothing

As my fist blog-entry I would like to present Saatchi & Saatchi's print-campaign for Quiksilver Denim.
This campaign was the overall winner of the Auora-advertising-price in Denmark, which for me, was quite surprising.

The comments from Saatchi & Saatchi can be seen here sorry - only in  Danish :-)

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